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✔️ THE MINIMALIST WALLET YOU NEED: Aurochs Light is a product of our obsession with slim yet functional designs that makes carrying a non-stop adventure.

✔️ THE CARRY ALLROUNDER: carry up to 8 Cards and up to 20 flat bills in a minimalist leather silhouette without making a compromise.

✔️ UNISEX DESIGN – FOR EVERYONE: No matter who you are and what you do, Aurochs Light is designed to integrate perfectly into your busy lifestyle making it super productive and organized.

✔️ SCREAMING QUALITY: made from 100% genuine full-grain cow leather, sourced from environmentally friendly tanneries coupled with 1,700 years old South Asian craftsmanship, Aurochs Light is designed to outlive you. And your grandchildren.

✔️ NO-QUESTIONS-ASKED-RETURN: either you will love it, or we will buy it back from you – No Questions Asked! Read the full policy here


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  • Perfect size and the thinnest men’s wallet
  • 4x easy access card slots for your frequently used cards
  • 4x back pockets for less commonly used cards
  • Horizontal compartment for all your notes/bills
  • Premium quality full grain leather
  • Most exceptional craftsmanship & attention to details
  • 212mm x 84mm in size. Slim & compact.
  • 101-day no-questions-asked return policy
  • Free shipping on all orders
What material is Aurochs Light made of?

Aurochs Light – men’s wallet is made of full grain leather. Full grain leather is the highest quality of leather. It develops natural patina starting from the corners and ages beautifully giving your wallet a vintage look over time. Most wallets for men are made from PU leather that wears off within months. Aurochs Light will stay with you not for months but for years.

Will the leather cause skin allergy and irritation?

No. Vegetable tanned leather is processed (tanned) using natural extracts free of chrome based chemicals. It makes the Aurochs Light absolutely skin friendly. Most wallets for men are crafted using PU leather which is processed using chrome compounds and irritate sensitive skin types.

What is your return policy?

We have a 101-day no-questions-asked return policy. For details head over to our shipping & return page

What is the delivery time?

– Free Standard Shipping takes 10 – 15 business days (~2 to 3 weeks). This is a rough estimate and actual delivery time may vary based on your exact location.

– Express Shipments are catered via DHL/FedEx and are delivered in 3 – 5 business days.

– Local Shipments (within Pakistan) are catered via TCS and delivery time is 1 -2 business days.

Aurochs Light

Additional information

Weight0.12 kg
Dimensions11.5 × 0.9 × 8.2 cm

Black, Green, Brown, Grey

59 reviews for Light – Bifold Wallet

  1. Tan.CY (verified owner)

    Excellent wallet i ever had, it is slim and I can feel how durable it is with the material been use. amazing packaging, it’s really impress me. as a new startup company,it is a very good products with affordable price, look forward to try another products in future. **stitching a little bit tie, it will bend my card a little, but that’s not an issue

  2. Luka (verified owner)

    Love it 🙂

  3. Marc Chow (verified owner)

    Decent wallet for the price. However, the thin-ness only works if you carry few cards and little notes. If you have more than 4 cards and carry more than 5 notes, it usually bulks up and acts like any decent wallet. Apart from that the quality of the leather is excellent and for a hand-sewn wallet, the built quality is rather good.

  4. Rahman (verified owner)

    amazing wallet.. minimal. Fast shipping!!

  5. Saad Ali Khan (verified owner)

    I ordered this wallet last week. Shipment reached next day. Parcel presentation was amazing. They packed the wallet in leathery pouch with hand typed note, which shows their love and dedication to their product and user experience.

    The wallet is light and compact as they claim. I was actually amazed how light it is, when I switched my stuff (money, cards, papers etc) to this one. My new wallet is almost half the thickness. Which is good because you won’t feel this very much in your pocket, as compared to my previous one which was like carring brick in your pocket. And the leather, boy it is superb. Best quality I’ve ever seen. You can almost indentify it by smelling it, Man.

    Finally I would thanks aurochs for such a premium quality wallet. Yes its a bit expensive, but totally worth money. I would suggest them to add a bit of more variety to their collection. And showcase unique, different, practicle models. Thanks again.

  6. Aroosa Mooed Khan (verified owner)

    I bought “Light” for my husband, as his Birthday present and I loved it, so did my husband. How beautifully, it was packed, wallet is really stylish and slim. Love that dainty pouch in which wallet was safe and sound retained, my husband’s name is beautifully engraved inside it. Owner adequate me with his product, thanks to him and Team Aurochs.I’m super satisfied♥️

  7. Waqar Azeem Malik (verified owner)

    Amazingly slim and nice product. love it. it carries all the money and cards i need to carry. love it .

  8. Imran (verified owner)

    A good quality product in an excellent packaging.

  9. Usman Ali (verified owner)

    Stuff is satisfactory but payment is very high

  10. Mumtaz (verified owner)

    Thank you so much aurochs. You product quality is just awesome and the packing was beautiful. highly recommend

  11. [email protected] (verified owner)

    First of all the packing was good the presentation was good and secondly the fine qulaity of the product has impressed me much. Price seems good looking at the quality measuremnts. And thanks for giving me a good looking product and a brief note written by vintage type writer

  12. azeem (verified owner)

    Product is 100% as described. Easily carries cash. Easily carries cards. I put around 16 bills and 6 cards to check. works great and most importantly without bulging or feeling heavy. Best for minimalist people. Got the wallet in around 24 hours in Rawalpindi. I received a text message from the company to confirm the delivery of the product, which means they are valuing the customers.

  13. bajwa_amir97 (verified owner)

    Great minimalist wallet. Looks and feels premium in the hand and wallet. Best thing I’ve noticed so far is, it doesnt feel bulky aur at all even slightly heavy even when you fill it up as compared to my previous wallets.

  14. Yasir Akhtar (verified owner)

    I bought this last week, it is perfectly made for handling more item but taking less space. Easily carried in a pocket you without any feeling of bulky thing in the pocket. The material is also high class rated but it can be more observed with time. Regarding prices, they are somehow at the higher end.

    I recommend Aurochs to buy their products who are seeking for a quality leather thin wallet.

  15. Saleem (verified owner)

    This is what i was looking for. Slim and smart yet spacious wallet that easily fits in pocket. Quality is amazing. Coming from a person who don’t like things easily.

    I recommend and thank aurochs for their quality product. My next purchase will also be from aurochs. In Sha ALLAH

  16. Usama

    So far so good but the price is a bit high

  17. Azlan ikram (verified owner)

    The wallet seems good and the packaging was very nice and the thankyou note written by typewritter was a cherry on top
    After usig it i can definitely recommend it

  18. Avery

    So I bought this wallet almost 2 years ago; a few days after I bought it, they emailed me saying something along the lines of hey we’re about to release our new version of the Light it’s made of better materials, it’s a better design, better look, etc. They said we can send you the one you bought or you can have the new one for no extra cost, no delays, etc. So of course I told them to send me the newer version, and I still use this wallet to this day. This is probably my 10th wallet so far in life, and it still looks brand new aside from the stretching/deformations from having so many cards in it (it holds A LOT OF CARDS) and sitting on it all the time, but that’s gonna happen. The leather itself is still black (no fading whatsoever) and the wallet is still 100% as functional as it was when I bought it. The only complaint that I can think of is that the nylon or whatever fabric is inside the wallet where you put your cash and extra non-frequent cards will start to fray and there will be little strings of the fabric sticking out the top of the wallet, which you can just easily cut away. All-in-all I think this wallet is amazing quality for the price, I was a little sketched out about the broken english descriptions and the email I got offering me a new improved product right after I bought the original, but they came through and I got an amazing wallet out of it.

    Would recommend. My next wallet will most likely be from here as well.

  19. Haris (verified owner)

    Good product but expensive then its product value. Should be low priced.

  20. JFriend (verified owner)

    The light is an amazing product, even with all the cards from my old fat wallet it’s smaller than the fat one empty.
    The craftsmanship is stellar and really shows how much care Aurochs puts into each wallet.

    The back card storage requires a little prising open to be used and if I didn’t double check the features list I would have missed it.
    But apart from that I’m very happy with the wallet. And I’ll definitely be buying more in the future

  21. Muhammad Yassar Khattak (verified owner)

    Just as described! Excellent quality, excellent customer service. Everyone who sees it comments on how slim it is, which is the reason I got it!
    Highly Recommended!

  22. mjwstamps (verified owner)

    Excellent & Very Fine Quality Wallet.
    I love its Small Size Really Light
    very less & Slim in Weight.
    I love the Leather Pouch Which came with the Wallet as a Packing. We can also use that pouch for keeping any thing.
    Its Best for Daily Use. I always Recommend my family & Friends to get there old wallets Changed with Aurcochs New Wallets
    We can say Smart Wallets.
    Inshallah i would love to buy all wallets.
    The Team is Also very Cooperative.

  23. (verified owner)

    Got this one in grey for my grandfather. It arrived in 2 days. The leather pouch that it came in was very impressive; it gave the unpacking experience a very premium feel. As did the typewritten note inside it. The wallet itself was great too. It did have some wrinkling which suggests they didn’t use the very best part of the cowhide but i think that’s acceptable at this price for vegetable tanned full grain leather (which i don’t think any other company offers at this price point). What’s most impressive though is the company’s effort to educate people; very few leather companies in Pakistan bother with customer education. In fact, most don’t even specify what kind of leather they use. I hope Aurochs succeeds as a company so it can start making briefcases and other leather goods. I’d also like to see leather care products such as conditioners offered on the website. Overall, I’m very happy with my purchase and will recommend Aurochs to friends and family

  24. AliWadood

    Awesome quality

  25. Mashal Ahmed (verified owner)

    Love it
    the leather, the stitching and craftsmanship is on point.
    The note and the bag just blew up the presentation and unboxing experience.
    Keep up the quality and good work

    Planning on buying Gravity now.

  26. Osman (verified owner)

    It’s really slim. Looks smart in your back pockets and still fills what all is necessary. Keep up the good work!

  27. sannan Ali (verified owner)

    Its just what i want… Aurochs light is just an amazing wallet…this is what i want to have for a long time… Love the service and the Pouch.. KeeP it uP Aurochs..

  28. ahmad.shah3435 (verified owner)

    Damn.I ordered this product on 28 Feb at nearly 4: 30 pm and 1 recieved the wallet in less than 24 hours. It came in a beautiful pouch .Loved the wallet. Loved the service.I would highly recomend this product. 10/10

  29. Usman (verified owner)

    Amazing Product! A big fan of Aurochs – I purchased Aurochs Light and was amazed with the gift packing. The product has some excellent finishing and attention to minor detailing is really appreciable. I hope you’ll continue to maintain the standards.

  30. Dipak Jambar (verified owner)

    Had this wallet in my sight for a long time, glad I ordered one. I love the green color. Very slim even with lots of notes. Amazing packaging. Love the craftsmanship and the design.

  31. Abdul Raheem (verified owner)

    It is a perfect wallet, even when full to the brim it still folds easily. Plus the feel of the leather is really good. Ample of space to keep the cards, plus you can convert one of the inside card holders to hold your pieces of papers that you keep in your wallet, but you will need to fold the pieces of paper and the wallet is long enough to keep the big notes straight, but i fold my bills. The only problem that i have had is that on one side of the wallet there is a depression, as if something was put on it with great pressure and i cannot straight it.

  32. Bojan (verified owner)

    Really nice wallet, good quality, thin,…
    Keep going with good work like this.

  33. adnanali1145 (verified owner)

    My Auroches has been a completely awesome experience! I have just received my light and I totally love it. They delivered the wallet in just 2 days, and the customer support was awesome too. Thank you for such an awesome product and service. I would totally recommend you all to buy your wallet from here.

  34. Usama (verified owner)

    Quality is just great and it is as good as it looks in the description. Very lightweight and practical in day to day use.

  35. Yahya (verified owner)

    I’ve received my light wallet today.I’ve ordered it in grey color which has white stitching on it in the picture but what i have received is stiching of same color and the finish is also not mind blowing it is just ok i am not satisfied.

  36. Jeffrey Zhou (verified owner)

    Very happy with my purchase. This wallet is clearly of exceptional quality and design, and the owners care as much about the customer than they do about the product. My only gripe is that it took me forever to decide which product that I wanted, since there were a few particular designs that made me shed a tear, thinking about not purchasing them. In the future, I will definitely look to these as gifts for people that I actually like.

  37. Joseph (verified owner)

    Great slim wallet that holds all the cards I need. Very nice leather workmanship, it’s a quality leather too. I got the Lite because the Gravity wallet has been so awesome for the past two years. I recommend these to anyone looking for a new wallet.

  38. Faizan Ahmad (verified owner)

    Light is perfect in every way. I’ve always used those bulky wallets but since I’ve started using Light, I’m loving it every time I hold this sleek beauty. Even to its fullest capacity, it’s still slim and elegant. Plus the thank-you note and the packaging bag was awesome. Thank you, Aurochs.

  39. Tanveer Iqbal


  40. Faizan Ahmad (verified owner)

    Just wanna say that whatever aspect of quality you weigh it on it just stands perfect. Indeed! Aurochs being one of my finest experience of online shopping deserves appreciation.

  41. Asad Ali (verified owner)

    Great design. Very handy. Slim, über and stylish. Loved the packing.

  42. Nasir Raza (verified owner)

    It was my first experience with them but they never disappointed me quality was top notch i simply love it.

  43. Zeeshan Parekh (verified owner)

    Excellent stuff
    Slim & stylish
    True sign of a leather wallet
    Good Job
    Stay Blessed

  44. dimplezknguyen (verified owner)

    I bought this for my boyfriend who found out about Aurochs on Reddit. It arrived in perfect condition. I ordered it on express and keeping track of it was a breeze. The packaging was thoughtful, there is a nice note from the creators which I really appreciated. The wallet was inside another leather(faux?) package. Presentation was nice but the wallet was even more impressing. It is very clean and minimalistic. Suffice it to say, my boyfriend loves this wallet.

  45. Salman Mani (verified owner)

    After buying the light from aurochs i have to say what a sleek and beautiful looking wallet and i really like the big leather pouch came with it simply amazing Thank you guys you do worth 5***** rating.

  46. Salman Yahya (verified owner)

    Very handy and beautifully designed wallet. Great product and great people from Aurochs. Their packing is amazing.

  47. Khalaf (verified owner)

    Truely satisfied with it

  48. Abdul Ali (verified owner)

    An excellent wallet & very compact in short. If somebody is looking for a light weight & minimalist looking wallet this should be your go to. One downside I’d say is limited space but hey it’s suppose to be only a light carry. Furthermore the presentation & packaging was very nice. Overall a 5* rating from my end.

    Hope this helps anyone who is interested in picking one up.

  49. Talha Haroon (verified owner)

    Thank you very much! The wallet quality and details are extraordinary.
    I really loved the hand written note inside the package.
    Keep it up guys!

  50. Maggie Kenney (verified owner)

    A perfect wallet… I ordered one for my boyfriend as a anniversary gift and he loved it! Sleek and simple, and so well made. I loved the handwritten note inside, Thank you so much aurochs!

  51. Hasnain (verified owner)

    I’ve been using this product since last week. Material is good, i thought its hand stitched but its not but that doesn’t mean its bad, it’s good! Colour is exactly as shown. One thing i want to mention is dont you ever dare to put coins in it. I repeat NEVER. normally i dont recommend anything easily but this thing is worth it. Go for it if you’re minimalist like me.

  52. Syed Khurshid Ul Islam (verified owner)

    I have received my light some days ago. It was everything I imagined it to be. It has a sleek, pocketable minimalist design which I like. The handwritten note was a brilliant touch, through a use of calligraphy pen would be a very welcome.Thank you so much Aurochs.

  53. Salman Khan (verified owner)

    I ordered 2 Light wallets and I’m really impressed with the products quality, design and everything! Recommended.

  54. Osama A. Shaykh (verified owner)

    One word: Behtareen (awesome)

    I was not a slim wallets fan untill i came across Aurochs, Aurochs changed everything as this is my second purchase in a year from Aurochs. The best thing about the walllet is your attention to details, the leather is good and so is the craftsmanship.

  55. Collin Hopkins (verified owner)

    Not only is the wallet beautifully made, the customer service was also outstanding. Light is a perfect wallet for a few cards and some cash. Just what I needed.

  56. Yasir Usmani (verified owner)

    Got my order today. Great wallet. It’s small in size and unlike my previous wallet it does not bulge out even after i fully loaded it with my bills and cards. The leather and craftsmanship is excellent. The packaging and handwritten note was a good touch as well. Thanks guys.

  57. Anum Mughees (verified owner)

    Thank you so much our order arrived safely on time. Beautifully packaged. I am very impressed by the efficiency of your service.

  58. shtamoor (verified owner)

    I was wandering for almost five years in search of classic, slim and more importantly genuine thing. Thanks to Aurochs for fulfilling my desire. The Light product is slim, classic design and made of pure leather. A true value for your money. The style is simple, appealing and worth holding in your hand for your high profile gatherings :-). Keep it up team Aurochs.

  59. usmanhussain1991 (verified owner)

    AMAZING STUFF. The best thing about it is its attention to detail. The design is awesome and its easy to carry around.

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