Infinity – Trifold Wallet

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US$ 29.95

✔️WORLDWIDE  SHIPPING: Order from the comfort of your home and let us deliver you your wallet via our FREE Economy shipping (delivery 2 – 3 weeks for most countries). DHL Express shipping (delivery 2 – 4 days) is also available for an additional cost (details on Checkout page).

✔️ SLIM & MINIMALIST DESIGN: Replace your old & bulky wallet with the new Infinity, a unique tri-fold design that will complement your creative side.

✔️ CARRY ALLROUNDER: carry up to 8 Cards, 15 – 20 flat bills in a minimalist leather silhouette. Leave nothing behind. Make no compromise.

✔️ UNISEX DESIGN – FOR EVERYONE: No matter who you are and what you do, Infinity is designed to integrate perfectly into your busy lifestyle, making it more productive and fun.

✔️ SCREAMING QUALITY: made from 100% genuine full-grain cow leather, sourced from environmentally friendly tanneries coupled with 1,700 years old South Asian craftsmanship, Infinity is designed to outlive you and your grandchildren.

✔️ NO-QUESTIONS-ASKED-RETURN: Either you will love it, or we will buy it back from you – No Questions Asked! Read the full policy here


Font: Bookman Old Italic | English Alphabets Only


  • One of our best selling & loved men’s wallets
  • 2x easy access card slots for your frequently used cards
  • 2x side pockets for up to 8 additional cards
  • Horizontal compartment for all your notes/bills
  • Our smallest of men’s wallets with horizontal bills
  • Premium quality full grain cow leather
  • Finest craftsmanship & attention to details
  • 98mm x 75mm (closed)
  • 101-day no-questions-asked return policy
What material is Aurochs Infinity made of?

Aurochs Infinity is made of full grain vegetable tanned leather. Full grain leather develops a natural patina starting from the corners and ages beautifully giving your wallet a vintage look over time.

Will the leather cause skin allergy and irritation?

No. Vegetable tanned leather is processed (tanned) using natural extracts totally free of chrome based chemicals making your Aurochs Infinity absolutely skin friendly.

What is your return policy?

We have a 101 day no-question-asked return policy. For details head over to our shipping & return page

What is the delivery time?

– Free Standard Shipping takes 10 – 15 business days (~2 to 3 weeks). This is a rough estimate and actual delivery time may vary based on your exact location.

– Express Shipments are catered via DHL/FedEx and are delivered in 3 – 5 business days.

– Local Shipments (within Pakistan) are catered via TCS and delivery time is 1 -2 business days.

Aurochs Infinity Slim & Minimalist Wallet

Additional information

Weight0.12 kg
Dimensions11.5 × 0.9 × 8.2 cm

Black, Green, Brown, Grey

44 reviews for Infinity – Trifold Wallet

  1. Brian (verified owner)

    Design and quality of this wallet is is amazing. My only feedback is please have RFID protection.

  2. Wei Lin Chang (verified owner)

    Just received mine today, perfect size for me and the amount of cards that I can fit. Excellent delivery speed as advertised (express). Thank you and keep up the good work! Looking forward to more slim wallets from you guys.

  3. Nabil (verified owner)

    Love the wallet. The unboxing experience is great, the packaging is one of the best. It’s a bit thicker than what I wanted, but regardless I love it! Now it’s easier for me to keep my cash 🙂

  4. Henry (verified owner)

    I bought this wallet after a recommendation from a friend, who had been using an aurochs wallet for some time now.

    I am almost overwhelmed by the quality of the product and design.

    The quality of the leather and the craftsmanship is outstanding, and is immediately noticeable when you remove it from the well thought out protective packaging – a nice added touch when it’s been bundled halfway around the world in the post!

    The design itself is subtle and extremely sophisticated. The trifold system keeps it slim and sleek, but there is plenty of space for cash and cards, and the ‘go-to-card’ slots are a superbly thought-out addition.

    Finally, the company logo is smart and subtle on the outside, and the green colour and personalisation is done exceptionally well, allowing the wallet to stand out from any other wallet I’ve owned.

    I was so immediately impressed with Aurochs that I straight away went and bought a second one, albeit in a different style – orbit passport wallet!

  5. m. danish khan (verified owner)

    Infinity wallet gives creative unique look. well stitched, nice quality but the price is little bit high. Will highly recommend this wallet

  6. m. danish khan (verified owner)

    Infinity wallet gives creative unique look. well stitched, nice quality but the price is little bit high. Will highly recommend to to get this wallet.

  7. Hamid Ali (verified owner)

    It was a good experience to get the delivery of “Infinity” wallet. From ordering to delivery in Mangla AJK, it took less than 21 hours. Extremely impressed with the packaging it came in. The wallet is very minimalistic. I am very pleased to see the packing of infinity, I am glad to recommend all of my Review readers to get this.
    Thank you aurochs team

  8. dr


  9. chishtie (verified owner)

    Got the delivery of “Infinity” wallet. From order to delivery in Islamabad it took less then 18 hours. Extremely impressed with the packaging it came in. The wallet is very minimalistic . Only small concern i have is that the primary card slots are a bit snug and one need to wiggle the card a bit. But nonetheless a great wallet and great service to top it off.

  10. Ammar Ahmed

    Buying the Aurochs Infinity was the best decision. It’s all they market it to be and with such fine craftsmanship! I would definitely recommend it to anyone in the search for a new wallet. You go guys!

  11. Farhan Ansari (verified owner)

    I’m happy with the wallet. It is easy to put cards in and take out, it’s lightweight, and seems like it will be durable. I like that it stretches to fit what you put in it. It is just what I was looking for!

  12. Ali Daniyal (verified owner)

    it’s a very smart wallet. i liked it a lot!

  13. Muhammad Sherdil Rasheed (verified owner)

    Very nicely crafted!! Compact and easy to hold !! A job well done by Aurochs!!

  14. Zaheer Abbas

    I was in love with the shape and size of the product, which made me order and try one. So did I, and trust me, it is one of the best wallets I ever had. Thank You Aurochs.

  15. Ali Hassan

    its been a month since am using this product and am satisfied with it

  16. Anosh (verified owner)

    Got my Aurochs about a month or so back. Was extremely pleased with my product. Packaging was unreal. The wallet itself was very very well constructed.
    It was exactly what I was looking for in Pakistan. Well priced.
    Definitely going to buy more.

  17. Naufil (verified owner)

    Best wallet I’ve ever used. Premium quality leather, great customer service. It’s a miracle a brand like this is operational within Pakistan. I give it a 10/10 rating. I use the wallet every day and would recommend this to everyone who’s looking for a new wallet. Amazing quality at a very reasonable price.

  18. Wezzi Agha (verified owner)

    Aurochs’ aggressive marketing efforts and beautiful website design lured me into purchasing a new wallet. I have always carried full-size bulky wallets but recently this year I decided to get rid of all receipts and business cards that I had been hoarding in my wallet. When I went through the products Aurochs was offering, I was skeptical about their minimal wallets as I felt a wallet like Infinity will not be able to carry my cash and cards without bulking up like a regular wallet. I took a leap of faith and purchased the Infinity wallet. I was astonished to see such a beautifully packed genuine leather high quality wallet that easily fit inside the palm of my hand. Now I have been using the wallet for more than two weeks and I am thoroughly impressed at the way the innovative tri-fold design holds my essentials without bulking up to an extent that would hurt my back side. I would recommend anyone looking for a high quality minimalist wallet to try Aurochs Infinity. I would definitely like to try and review other products offered by aurochs.

  19. Daniyal Raza (verified owner)

    Amazing wallet to have if you are sick of bulky wallets hurting your back side. It is small, durable, innovative, saves space and comes in a sexy leather pouch. Fits in my hand easily. But the folds get stubborn with the amount of notes in it which i think is basic physics and true for every other wallet.
    May i recommend one upgrade and it will be the Bomb!!!!!!
    Add that Coin Pocket somewhere or the Pin Pocket.
    Now the lengthy review because I have used this product for two months before writing this.
    So I have an issue with Keeping a bulky wallet in my back pocket. They are bulky, loose shape, loose colour or just loose appeal after some time. Against my fair Judgement, i ordered this product because they keep marketing it to me( They still do even though i have bough it :P). The price was high as compared to other products I bought or checked out but after too much consideration and weighing options between infinity and gravity. I ordered this baby. So it arrived in a Sexy leather pouch which smelled and oozed original leather and oh..the note typed on some Japanese printer was the bomb. These guys know what they are doing. I opened it up and there it was. SMALL. I was shocked at the size and the dynamics of the wallet. It was puny compared to others I have used. I stuffed it with my stuff, had to dump a couple to keep it from bulging. Took me a week to get used to it because they had a return policy and i was going to get the gravity but then it started to ease out. The leather, the folds, the pockets, the design, colours, smell, quality…did i miss something? This is by far the best wallet I have used. Though they will not print my name on it but i forgive them for it. There is a limit to the amount of cash you can carry but still a lot can be carried on a daily basis. The fold lets you access your wallet, one side at a time. Good to be used for RFID cards. Over all A must buy if you can spend this much money to keep your money and stuff.
    This has been an amazon grade review. I deserve some credits for it :p

    Keep up the good work team. So happy to see a local company like you come up with stuff like this.

  20. Omer (verified owner)


  21. Zeeshan Hameed (verified owner)

    Excellent product

  22. hsdar28 (verified owner)

    One of the best wallets I have ever used. Great job team Aurochs!

  23. Saadat Khan (verified owner)

    Love the minimalistic approach you have going on with all your products. I think that is your major selling point and you should keep improving in that criteria. The presentation that was presented was unseen before. With a personal written note and the amazing packaging are unheard of in this price range. Love your product, stay minimal, keep the prices less and keep the standard of your leather and craftsmanship the same.

  24. Saadat Khan (verified owner)

    just received your Infinity wallet.
    I’m surprised of the craftsmanship and how sublime the quality of the leather is.
    I’ll look forward to shop again soon.
    P.s. I’m extremely satisfied with your service and the delivery time.
    Thank you and keep up the great work!

  25. Zain Bashir (verified owner)

    Love the leather bag it came in with the most amazing customized note typed on a typewriter!!! I wasn’t sure which color I would prefer so I got the black as well as the brown. They both are of superb quality and I am impressed that the price is so low for such well crafted leather product. However I wish it had (50%) more space to keep money in as I prefer carrying a bit more cash than this was designed for.

  26. Muhammad Umer Sabir (verified owner)

    Premium quality. Superb looks. Excellent design. Spacious.

  27. Rushda Shabbir (verified owner)

    I got what I was looking for since long. The best handy wallet. Fit-in everywhere.
    Just a suggestion, that you can embose customer’s name on it and any complementary product to introduce. This will add more value to it.

  28. Mehmood Ul Saqlain (verified owner)

    Would highly recommend it to everyone. Great craftsmanship, very sharp looking, and above all, intelligent. It’s far more spacious than its slim profile indicates. It’s really easy in use.

  29. Dr Nadeem Abidi (verified owner)

    Best Wallet I have ever used. Great value for money.

  30. Fauzi Garib (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this wallet!

    Would highly recommend it to anyone. Great craftsmanship, very sharp looking, and above all, intelligent. It’s far more spacious than its slim profile indicates.

  31. Akbar Yasin

    Smartest wallet I have ever used .
    Excellent leather quality highly recommend

  32. Adnan Ali Awan KPK Swabi (verified owner)

    Today 02/04/2018 I Got My Product Infinity Wallet Through TCS I Really Liked When I Saw Paking I Understood The Quality Of My Choice I Really Never Seen Aowsom Wallet Like Infinity.Amazing

  33. Abdullah Mohsin (verified owner)

    You might think this wallet is dope,you might think it’s not,you might think it’s a scam (which,trust me it isn’t)but let me tell you this, It is amazing the quality is good and pure leather is used. I absolutely adore this wallet. Hats off the Creater!

  34. Ali raza

    Fantastic online shopping experince to have such a beautiful & quality wallet which is little than my previous one but occupies all i need…. recommended all my friends .and thanks for lovely packing.

  35. ezu.ahmi (verified owner)

    Just received the wallet, looks amazing….. and in a very fancy pouch. Loved it!
    Thanks for amazing letter inside, best for gifts!

  36. Muhammad Ubaid Qureshi (verified owner)

    Awesome product i am very fond of wallets but haven’t seen a product like Inifnity.

    My go on infinity is best wallet i ever had.

  37. Kenneth (verified owner)

    Good minimalistic design and high quality leather

  38. Bilal Altaf (verified owner)

    Excellent product.

  39. Shabbir Hussain (verified owner)

    Compact , stylish and yet convenient .

  40. Hafiz Ahmad (verified owner)

    Very small not fulfill my requirements. Only one pocket for notes we dnt keep some money seperate and copies of cnic & other visiting cards.

  41. Shahzad Khokhar (verified owner)

    Love this wallet! It’s hard to find a small wallet which can also carry your cash and cards. This is the answer. Very small and practical. Quality is also very good. Highly recommended!

  42. Aamer (verified owner)

    Interesting design with good workmanship. I was looking for a minimal wallet in which notes did not need to be folded and which could hold a few cards as well. The trifold design does it without being bulky.

  43. Nauman Khan (verified owner)

    The most smart wallet i have ever used.. greatly recommended for everyone who hate large sized wallets.. Hope to also buy the new products of this brand.

  44. legendmansoor (verified owner)

    The smartest wallet that I used ever.Highly recommended.
    Size is too smart with even three folds.
    Thinking to have each product of this brand.

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