Our Leather


Vegetable Tanned Leather

Vegetable tanned leather is prepared from natural tree bark and certain plant and animal extracts without using chemical tanning agents. It looks great and is very friendly to environment and sensitive skin. Vegetable tanning is an old art that has passed down from generation to generation. Process of transformation of raw hide to exquisite leather take place in tanning pits dug into the ground. Hides are soaked in specially prepared organic mixture for 30 to 45 days on average. Its a slow process compared to chrome tanning which is why vegetable tanning is not very economical but the leather it produces is worth the price and wait.

We believe that quality of the final product is as good as the quality of the raw material it is made from. To get you the highest quality leather, we are working with some of the best tanneries in small towns of Kasur and Kot Abdul Malik near Lahore (Pakistan). We have developed our in-house quality assurance program to maintain a consistent supply of best possible leather. 


The Natural Patina

Natural aging, commonly known as Patina, is a unique characteristic of full grain leather. Instead of peeling and cracking like chrome tanned leather, full grain vegetable tanned leather develops unique dark shades along its edges and stress areas giving it beautiful antique look. The cross arrangement of fibers on upper part of the skin gives full grain leather its unusual strength and durability. Compared to genuine leather, it lasts long and age gracefully. Here is a good read about types of leather


Take Care of Your Wallet

Leather, in general, does not need any special care. You can clean your wallet by simply wiping it with the wet cotton cloth provided with the packing. Avoid using any chemical cleaner unless it is specifically meant for leather.