Our Leather


Full Grain Leather

All our products are crafted from the highest quality full grain leather. Full grain leather is considered the most durable and resilient form of leather. It is not only worn resistant but also gets better with time. We obtain our leather from the finest leather tanneries of Multan.


The Natural Patina

Natural aging, commonly known as Patina, is a unique characteristic of full grain leather. Instead of peeling and cracking like sued leather, full-grain leather develops unique dark shades along its edges and stress areas giving it a beautiful antique look. The cross arrangement of fibers on the upper part of the skin provides full grain leather its unusual strength and durability. Compared to sued leather, it lasts long and ages gracefully.


Leather Care 101

Full Grain Leather endures harsh environment and, in response, age gracefully. The more regularly you use your wallet, the better and faster it age into a beautiful vintage look.

Here are some useful tips to get the best out of your Aurochs Wallet.

  1. Use your product on a daily basis. Leather absorbs oil from your hands whenever it comes into contact with them. This helps avoid the cracking in dry weather. You will seldom need any extra oil or cream to keep your wallet in the best shape.
  2. Avoid direct contact with moisture. Moisture makes the leather stiff and results in premature cracking. Never use a heat source like blower or heater to force dry your wallet. Let it dry out on its own and apply an appropriate conditioner or oil to restore the natural oiliness in the leather. Fiebing makes excellent leather care products.
  3. Store your wallet in a dry place when not using. Wrap it up in a piece of clean cloth. If you are using your wallet after a long time, you might consider cleaning it with a good quality Leather Combi (liquid soap made for leather products). Effax has a good variety of leather combi. Apply conditioner or oil after cleaning with the soap to make it supple and soft again.

Apart from that, your wallet doesn’t need any special care. Just use it and let it age with you as gracefully as you do.