This Is Why You Carry A Fat Wallet

Fat Wallet

Have you ever looked at your wallet and thought, “Why do I always carry an ugly fat wallet?”

Despite all the sincere efforts you make like clearing it out and trying to stop storing old receipts in there, you always seem to be carrying a bulky wallet in your back pocket.

The answer is deep-rooted in human psychology and not a very far-fetched one.

We, humans, are lazy by nature.

When it comes to making decisions, we usually opt for the most comfortable choice. 

Just the other day, I was at my breakfast table looking for a business card. I’d remembered stuffing it in my wallet about a month ago. As usual, I checked the main wallet pockets but couldn’t find the card.

I took all the stuff out of the wallet’s side pockets and spread them all over the table. That’s when I realized just how much junk I was carrying around in my wallet. There were minor receipts, bus tickets, random pieces of paper and business cards of people I don’t expect to meet or call. I even found the receipt from the shop I bought the wallet!

Old Habits Die Hard

I removed all the unnecessary junk and kept the four cards I usually use. Along with this, I had a little cash and a few necessary business cards. My wallet was way slimmer than before; I was good to go!

A few weeks passed, and I didn’t feel my wallet growing. However, one day, as I was getting ready for work, I suddenly noticed my fat, ugly, full-grown wallet again. I was going to be late, so I rushed to the office and didn’t give it thought all morning.

During my lunch break, I repeated the exercises once again. I took everything out, and to my surprise, I noticed the same pattern. Unwanted receipts, useless paper notes, bus tickets and rarely used business cards.

It got me thinking,

How am I doing this without even realizing it?

I decided to pay closer attention to my habits.

Just recently, I read a great book The Power of Habit,’ by Charles Duhigg. It helped me make the connection that my fat wallet must have something to do with my habits, but what?

The next day I bought a meal from McDonald’s. As I was putting my card back in my wallet, the cashier handed me my receipt. As usual, I put it in my wallet without even thinking about it.

However, this time, I realized what I’d just done. Why did I do that?

I thought it over while waiting for my hamburger. That’s when it hit me.

I realized that the bad habit I had developed over time- putting things in my wallet just because I might need them later. That’s it!

I had lived life avoiding small decisions, taking the easy way out.

Instead of deciding the importance and the actual need for a McDonald’s receipt on the spot, I just stuffed it in my wallet. Meanwhile, my subconscious said,

 Just put it in there for now. We’ll see what we can do about it later.

That’s it. Later never comes. Time passes, and my wallet gets bulkier and uglier. Then eventually, I reach a tipping point and clean it out on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Thinking it over, this was the same reason for all of the junk in my wallet (not just McDonald’s receipts).

When someone hands us his/her business card, we don’t decide its importance on the spot. Instead, we just put it in our wallet and tell ourselves the same old story. We do the same thing when we withdraw cash from an ATM. A printed receipt appears and (in most cases) is useless. The same story lurks behind our unwanted paper notes, bus tickets and other useless things.

Are you one of those people who carry big fat wallets? Have you ever asked yourself the reason behind it? Let us know if you have a strange reason for your fat wallet.

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