Frequently Asked Questions

What is my Aurochs wallet made of?

Aurochs wallets are stitched from supreme quality vegetable tanned, full grain cow leather. Full grain leather is obtained from the top surface of cow hide where fibers are arranged in criss-cross arrangement giving it its inherent strength and durability. Following our zero chemical policy all raw hides are tanned using natural extracts producing the most exquisite type of leather, the vegetable tanned leather.

Where is the leather obtained for my Aurochs wallet?

All the leather used in Aurochs wallets are produced from animals (cows) slaughtered for meat purposes. No animal was solely slaughtered for its leather. At Aurochs we are determined to protect species. We will never use leather sourced from the skin of endangered animals or animals solely hunted/slaughtered for leather purposes. To protect species and their natural habitate we have an initiative called ‘Friends of Aurochs’. For details head over to our FOA page.

How will my order be shipped to me?

Local Shipments: All Aurochs shipment will be made using reliable courier service. Currently we are working with two best logistic service providers in the country namely TCS and Blue-Ex. Once your Aurochs wallet is shipped, you will receive a tracking number along with a link where you can track your order till it arrives at your door steps.

International Shipments: International Shipments are catered via FedEx International Priority shipment. Once your shipment is in transit, you will receive your tracking ID and a link where you can track your shipment in real time. Most shipments are delivered within 03 days of being dispatched. Depending on the remoteness of your location, some shipments can take more than 03 days to reach. Delivery time can also be effected by natural obstructions like bad weather, earthquakes, cyclones and national holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving etc. 


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