Why we moved all manufacturing in-house?

FlareOne - In-house Manufacturing

Our Story

We started working on our very first wallet design back in 2015. It took us full eight months to finish and release it.

It was difficult to find an artisan who could understand our concepts and turn our raw thoughts and ideas into a finished product. After completing our design and initial prototyping, we wandered around the city in search of the perfect craftsman. It was a long search.

Finally, we met Shahjahan.

Shahjahan, a skilled craftsman, was running a small leather-craft shop in old Lahore. In our very first meeting, we hit it off. He liked what we were doing, and we were also impressed with his skills and enthusiasm. We decided to outsource our manufacturing to him.

Shahjahan worked with us to craft the first production version of Aurochs Gravity & Aurochs Light. Everyone within our small community appreciated his craftsmanship.

Why we moved in-house?

When Farooq & I were starting Aurochs, we had a clear vision:

Make great products that not only represent quality, durability, and aesthetics but also tells a unique story of their creation.

Although outsourcing was a great model to start with a smaller budget, it was not always possible to have a tight grip over every aspect of the production.

To fulfill our vision of quality and durability, we needed full control over the complete supply chain starting from the leather sourcing to delivery of the final product. This was virtually impossible with our current set up.

For example, we wanted to use a particular stitching machine to create consistent stitch lengths around the corners. Unfortunately, Shahjahan didn’t have that machine, and it was a significant investment for him to buy it just for us.

Fast and timely delivery of product batches was also an issue. Sometimes, we remained out-of-stock for weeks due to slow delivery. Things were not quite working out, and there was a fundamental flaw in our operating model.

So, we took a bold decision to move all manufacturing in-house.

We leased a workshop space, renovated it and turned it into a perfect place to work. All the necessary equipment including tools and machinery were available in the market. We name the workshop FlareOne.

Since Shahjahan was running his own small business, we needed to hire our first full-time craftsman. After a few meetup, interviews and table tests, we finally hired Naveed as our head craftsman.

Naveed, 23, is young, smart and energetic. He had his brilliant ideas about design and manufacturing, and we liked his work samples.

We asked him to come on board with us, and he accepted the offer.

Our first in-house production showed almost 10x improvement in quality and artistry.

FlareOne has given us complete control over our product quality and schedule. We can test ideas quickly which will increase our ability to launch new products rapidly. Inventory management is also very efficient.

Part of our mission is to empower craftsman and skilled artisans. This way, they can produce the best quality work. FlareOne is the first step towards that dream.

Flexible work hours, above-market salaries and a quarterly share in company’s profit via bonuses are just some of the things we are considering.

We believe taking good care of our people allows them to produce their best work.

What do you think of our new step towards making better products for you? Let us know in the comment section below.

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