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carrying made easy

We are here to craft unique experiences. Every Aurochs Wallet is designed with ease of  use in mind hence our slogan ‘crafted for ease’. Join our clan and be part of an awesome community.

- Gravity -

Meet Gravity.
Gravity is your everyday buddy which fits perfectly into your pocket. It is slim yet spacious enough to hold all your daily essentials, giving you the freedom to go through your day without missing out on anything.
Gravity is your answer to the traditional fat and ugly wallet you have been carrying around for years. It has four front slots for your most frequently used cards, an extra card slot with pull out ‘gravity strip’, space for all your bills and currency notes, a coins pocket and small slot for your sim ejector.

- Light -

If you are the kind of person who likes the classic look in everything that you own, boy do we have a product for you.
Aurochs Light has everything you might look for in a traditional, timeless bi-fold design, only better and a lot slimmer. Looking for quick access front pockets for your cards? Easy cash in and cash out? Reserve pockets for less frequently used cards? We’ve got you covered.

We are living in an era where most of the designers are focused on making things thinner and sleeker. Somehow, we have ignored the one thing we use the most, our wallet. Every day we see people with bulky and fat wallets that compromise both on comfort and functionality. As designers, this makes us sad, and one day we thought we could do better…

Fat and bulky wallet
Aurochs Gravity

We took out our pads and pencils and started sketching ideas for months, running them through our friends and family. Some were annoyed, but many were helpful, and finally we came up with the core ingredient for a Wallet which was slim yet performed all the regular functions. We found the perfect equilibrium between aesthetics and functionality. 

Wallet |Aurochs Gravity
Wallet |Aurochs Gravity

Along the way, we met some very skillful artisans who had been in the leather industry for years. Most of them inherited their skills from their elders and since have been struggling to earn their bread and butter in this era of mass production. Every one of them has a unique story to share, and every day we take inspiration from their hard-work and commitment to this art.


- Shah Jahan -

 My father and uncle owned a small shop inside their old house, and I used to work with them since I was a kid. They taught me the patience and dedication required to go through the delicacies of leather crafting. Use of machines was minimum those days. But time has changed now, and mass producing machines have significantly replaced the craftsmen. One simply can’t keep up with the market demands working mostly with hand tools. Very few people left in this industry who still prefer to do most of the delicate work using hand tools and I am proud to be one of them.”